Celebrating Women In The Blockchain Space

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As we celebrate the International Women’s Day 2021, we took this opportunity to highlight the contribution of woman within the blockchain and crypto space.

With the introduction of Blockchain in the last decade, the industry was clearly male dominant, but this has been changing steadily with major blockchain-based institutions such as Binance, the largest crypto exchange having 40%-50% of their employees being women. Currently major blockchain-based businesses such as Hiveonline and Everledger just to name a few, were either founded or have a CEO woman leading the business.

Senior positions in international companies and organizations, such as UNICEF, have their blockchain lead implementing revolutionary solutions on a global scale is a woman too. Woman in the blockchain media sector play a massive role in educating everyone about Cryptos, finance and the emerging blockchain industry, with most powerful crypto YouTubers discussing topics such as, mining, trading, tokens and coins reviews being female with thousands of hours of content available a few clicks away. The most popular Blockchain and Crypto news website Coindesk’s head of research is led by a woman.

Blockchain has been a great opportunity for women in developing countries to gain financial independence. In Uganda, for example, a woman launched the “Wala” blockchain platform, which allows women to quickly and easily transfer small amounts of money specially targeting the unbanked population. In Afghanistan, two female co-founders launched Women’s Annex, offering women the opportunity to write blogs and earn cryptocurrencies from advertising.

Based on a survey conducted by Gemini, a leader in digital assets exchange, shows that 40% of the UK Cryptocurrency investors are female. The core power of Blockchain is to give people the freedom of finance, creating solutions and improving the way we do things; this could be summarized in one word; Empowerment! And this is just the start as the world move into the power of blockchain.

At iOWN Group, we see the importance of women in the workspace, and specially in the fintech industry. Our marketing activities are actually driven by women; as well as most of the events happening in the region are attended by the women in our team, and when we host workshops, we always encourage women to attend and participate in the activities. Women in crypto are now raising the bar high as more and more are joining the force, and we are glad to see all the hype – specially in our region where female entrepreneurship is becoming more popular.


We would like to wish everyone celebrating a Happy International Women’s Day!



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