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150 winners win 1,000 iOWN Tokens through Learn & Earn campaign

iOWN Token Gives Away 1,000 Tokens To 150 Winners

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Stay tuned to know about our next ‘Learn& Earn’ campaign!  

iown token giveaway

iOWN Token is excited to share that we have completed our airdrop by giving away 1,000 tokens to 150 lucky winners this month.  

The winners were part of the ‘Learn & Earn’ campaign held in March this year allowing users a chance to earn free tokens. The campaign intended to educate users about iOWN Tokens and their utility in crowdfunding real estate projects and businesses by watching three short videos. Post that, participants had to complete a quiz and the first 150 right answers were chosen as winners.  

After an overwhelming response from around 800 participants within three days, we had to close the contest. The free tokens were credited to the 150 winner’s iOWNX wallets on 9th August, 2021. We wholeheartedly congratulate all those who participated and won the giveaway.  

If you missed our contest or didn’t make it as a winner this time, don’t be disappointed as we are planning another ‘Learn & Earn’ campaign in the coming months.  

Stay tuned to our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and engage with our community on Telegram to know about our next contest.   

About iOWN Wallet  

The iOWN Wallet is iOWNX’s own Ethereum-based, multi-purpose wallet, where users can maintain, send and receive iOWN Tokens along with Ether and USDT.    

The core utility of the wallet is to allow users to pledge iOWN Tokens and participate in crowdfunding campaigns on the soon-to-be-launched iOWNX platform. With the wallet, users can manage their portfolio, view the platform’s blockchain transactions and much more in the palm of their hand.  

iOWNX Wallet is available on iOS and Android app store. 

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