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Understanding the iOWN Token & Platform - iOWN Token

Understanding the iOWN Token & Platform

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One of the revolutionary technologies of the decade “Blockchain” that provides transparency with its publicly accessible distributed ledger has allowed us to change the way we traditionally do several things; from banking, trading, record keeping, contracts, and investing. The core advantages of the blockchain technology allows business services to be done faster, tamper proof and securely which has paved the way for many industries to adopt this technology. A forecast from (Markets and Markets) claim that the global blockchain market size is expected to grow from $3 billion in 2020 to $39.7 billion by 2025, at an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 67.3% during 2020–2025. The need for the technology in the finance, supply chain management applications and tens of other industries integrating blockchain will be the key catalyst to drive the overall blockchain market. Like the many businesses who are utilizing blockchain, iOWN Group has decided to adopt the tech to be applied to their Crowd-investing platform. 


The investment platform of the future 

iOWNX is a blockchain based crowd-investing platform that has been specifically designed to bridge the gap between financier and businesses seeking funding. Whether you are an experienced funder or complete beginner, the easytouse platform allows accessibility to opportunities for all, with measured risk. Registered users can use the iOWN Token which is the method of contributing to campaigns on iOWNX crowd-investing platform, where they will be able to invest into a range of industry sectors including Real Estate, TechnologyRetail, Healthcare and Energy to name a few.  


The Challenges of Traditional Investment 

Overcoming the challenges of traditional investment riskiOWN addresses many of the issues currently faced by investors with existing on-the-market financial platforms by creating a secure, transparent and simple to use financial ecosystem that minimises risk through community funding. Prospective backers are able to select opportunities based on their own preferences includinglocation, domain and expected ROI with the advantage of having direct access to vetted business opportunities. 


The iOWN Ecosystem 

The Ecosystem will address the execution of iOWNX platform services. Users can access the platform and select the service (s) they are interested in. iOWN Ecosystem will then digitally and physically execute the transactions and deliver the service outcomes to users in the form of uOWN Tokens and Smart Agreement. The uOWN Token is passive, nontransferable, unlimited supply Token that does not have tradable API keys. It is issued by the iOWN Ecosystem and represents the rights to receive the revenue from a business campaign. 


Exchanges and Wallet 

iOWN Token is now listed on LATOKEN and P2PB2B exchange platforms. Both platforms are the first of many high-volume exchanges to list iOWN Token. iOWN token (iOWN) is available in two trading pairs on iOWN / ETH, & iOWN / USDT on both of those major exchanges that also provide a direct purchase facility of cryptocurrencies via Mastercard and Visa. 


iOWN launched its iOWNX wallet in final quarter of 2019 to enable its users to store their iOWN tokens in one safe encrypted placeiOWNX wallet App is an Ethereum multi-purpose wallet which is part of iOWNX platform, where you can maintain your platform tokens along with Ethers, and pledging iOWN Tokens in the soon to be available crowd-investing campaigns, managing your portfolio and so much more in the palm of your hand. 


Get to know more about the iOWN Token and iOWNX platform by watching the explainer video or you can read the iOWN Token whitepaper here for more detail explanation on the token. You can also follow us on Telegram and Twitter to get the latest news from the iOWN Team. 


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